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An explanation of the culture and beliefs of a Greek island community.

By Maria Broadley

Photography by Costas Andreou


...of bells and pomegranates

> 286 pages

> 197 x 128mm size

> Full-colour photographs


From  September,  to Easter, to the end of the Greek liturgical year in August,  festivals,  saintsí and name days are joyously celebrated on the day which is devoted to them.  Rituals and the customs governing them are  defined by the collectivity and  the unifying cultural role of the Orthodox Church; even for the non-religious.

But religion is not alone in its effect on Greeks. Alongside it,  the  supernatural and the paranormal  are  phenomena which have also impacted on the national psyche; giving  rise to folklore and superstition. These traditions and superstitions, though often retaining a common core, vary from island to island, from village to village and from region to region.

 If you have ever wanted to understand  the people of Greece, both religious and secular, with their customs and traditions that have become deeply rooted over the centuries, then this book will help you make a start. It is focused on Skopelos; but it is about Orthodox villagers everywhere in Greece.  

After reading it, the next time you witness one of these festivals  - some local and some celebrated all over Greece, all offering a chance for merrymaking and an escape from the dull monotony of everyday life - you will perhaps find that you are not just a spectator, but a participant!

ISBN Number: 9780957611511