Using over 15 year’s experience in the book trade, we are proud to offer our Book Finding Service for out of print and hard to find books. The service is FREE to use and can be used equally to find single copies or whole collections.

We do not limit our searches to online methods, instead using an extensive combination of methods developed over the years and will search for any book written in the English language, according to criteria specified by the client.

To start your search, simply email the following information:

The Title and Author

Any other description known (year published, subject matter, etc.)

Any specific requirements (First Edition, Hardback, No Library stamps, etc.)

Your name

Your address (including postcode)

Your telephone number(s)

Your email address

(Please indicate your preferred method of contact.)

Once a copy of your requested book is found we will contact you to advise you of condition and price. Once you confirm and make payment your book purchase will be confirmed with the source and, when received, will be dispatched to you.

Please email to:

Text Box: Travelleur
Text Box: Map Room
Text Box: Publishing
Text Box: Book Shop
Text Box: Collectibles
Text Box: ...Publishing

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Travelleur is an iimprint of J R Nicholls - Bookseller & Publisher, specializing in the publishing and selling of maps and books.

We publish and sell walking and travel guides to special places, written by authors who are intimately familiar with their subject matter. Additionally we offer print-related services to companies who require printed material such as brochures and promotional literature.

Our latest service is a facility to assist authors who are struggling to get published. Our new Self-Publication service allows you to get your work published for a reasonable cost, whilst leaving control and, more importantly, profits, in the hands of the author.

Should you wish to submit a title for consideration for publication within our core subject areas, or to enquire about our self-publication service, please click on the links below.